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Pricing is very important in marketing.
Prices are subject to changes, due to factors affecting pricing such as, cost of oil, increased taxes, tolls in case of transportation and because pricing is the process of obtaining what a company will receive in exchange of its products, we kept prices down to minimum possible, as we have done so far, because that is what has made us competitive in Greek tourist market.
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We will keep pricing low,  for tourist's benefit.
Prices given will all be in euros and final, including all taxes and tolls.
Prices given do not include entrance fee to archeological sites  and  licenced  tour quide  fee.

Important notes about pricing:

axi fares for a sedan vehicle (up to 3 passengers + driver), are determined by the Ministry of Transport as well as by the department of Ministry of Finance, responsible for  fares in public and private media transfers. The prices shown, are allowance/Km plus any extra airport charges and  do not include tolls, ferry boat tickets, parking fees,  waiting time, cancellation or delay extras, which may be negotiable with passengers and are in euro  currency. You can  therefore have a close estimation of your cost, when moving with sedan cars, to the destination you would like to move.

--When hiring a mini-van vehicle  (up to 7 passengers + driver), prices are by low negotiable and may be more expensive by 25%  to 35%  than the  sedan pricing.

--Prices in either case may differ when organising 2, 3, 4  or more days tours, or long distance transfers

AV Travel & Tours
success in maintaining and increasing every year our clients, is due to the fact that despite the increases in oil, tolls and so many other factors affecting pricing, we  keep prices low, to minimum possible, hence keeping satisfied clients. So please do not hesitate to ask for a quote to know the conditions ofpayment, the prices given will be all inclusive and final.                                                                                                                                                                                    Go Back