AV Tavel & Tours welcomes you to Greece and wish you a very long and pleasant stay.

Athens City is the world's most diverse and intriguing city. Booking a vehicle from AV Travel & Tours, is a great way to see Athens and Greece, as you can stop and spend as much time as you want at any location, so you can see what's most important to you.
A smart way to save money is to combine your Airport transportation ride with 2 hours sightseeing tour of Athens.
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Shopping in Athens City. Shop with AV Travel & Tours.
There is nowhere in the world that offers the array of shopping opportunities that Athens does, Athens is a shopper's paradise!
If your layover in Athens is longer than expected, you will find ways to pass the time before moving on to your next destination.
Whether you're flying through Athens City or staying a few nights, you definitely want to check the weather in Athens City .
In good weather or bad, there are more things to do and see in Athens metropolitan region than anywhere else in the world. You can visit Athens City museums, zoos, live performance venues, historic sites, and attractions. We are happy to provide you with AV Travel & Tours, your transportation or tour to all area attractions.
Since Greece is a country, with wonderful weather, hospitality, night life and above all, cultural, there are a lot of meetings , congresses and exhibitions, scientific and not only, taking place throughout the year, in various places of the Country.
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