AV Tavel & Tours welcomes you to Greece and wish you a very long and pleasant stay.

 You will hereby find some useful informations, before you deside to visit Greece and once you're here, as well as of how we organise the excursions,  to help you experience the best and the most, from your visit to Greece.

   Moving from one country to another involves meeting certain requirements and obtaining the proper permissions, which does not apply for European (EU), U.S.A, Canadian, Australian, citizens, since Greece is a party to the Schengen Convention, along with 24 other European countries, which allows their citizens to enter Greece without a visa in some circumstances , or a passport to go trough the customs. In some cases there may be necessary to show a valid identity card or driving license, so is worth carrying one with you.

   Before visiting Greece, organise a variety of ways to access your money overseas, such as credit cards, traveller's cheques, cash, debit cards or cash cards. Consult with your bank to find out which is the most appropriate currency to carry and whether your ATM card will work overseas.

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Athens and Greece is notorious for its heatwaves occurring generally during the months of July and/or August, when hot air masses sweep across Greece from the south or the southwest. On such days temperatures soar over 38 °C (100 °F). Average high during summer °C (°F) 34 (92), Average low °C (°F) 21 (70).
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   Here is some useful links, in case you would like to use other means of transportation in Athens, to and from, other than...Athens Taxi Services.        
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Half and Full-day tours in Athens, are scheduled to begin at about 08:00h, where a car will be waiting for you at your Hotel or Piraeus port Terminal A or Terminal B , in order to avoid beeing exposed for long time to high temperatures, specially during mid-day which is considerably high. That will also give you a couple of hours for siesta, at the end of the tour , at your Hotel and time to get ready for the night life in Athens!!!
  As for the long distance tours, away from the city, we suggest to pick you up at about 07:30h, since we will be driving trough country side roads and highways, where necessary and  that will give us plenty of time to complete our scheduled tour, even if there are for any reason, stops in between. And once again to have time for night life.

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